About Us

Management Innovation

The management team of Winner Medical has integrated the enterprise resources effectively, established the brand awareness while created the brand of "Winner" and "PurCotton", constructing solid cultural accumulation and enhancing core competitiveness. Meanwhile, in order to improve operational efficiency, coordinate working relationship and motivate staff, Winner Medical has successfully implemented HR management consulting projects, integrated ERP information management platform, Office Administration processes, the U.S Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) internal control management system and lean production management project.

The management team of Winner Medical has refined the essence of corporate culture actively, which aims to stimulate employee enthusiasm, place emphasis on the staff‘s motivation and creation, enhance employee loyalty and provide comfortable working environment to employees so that they will be able to achieve their own goals while consistently contribute to the company’s development.

Industrial Expansion

Winner Medical has constantly adjusted the industrial structure and extended vertically along its industrial chain, gaining an integral management of research & development, production and marketing. In recent years, Winner Medical has expanded the products from traditional wound dressing to advanced wound dressing, from wound care products to surgical products, from an exclusive focus on medical products to branded daily consumer goods. With these strong backups, Winner realized its wish to operate the own brand “Winner” and “PurCotton”. Specifically, Winner Medical applies the philosophy of producing medical-class for daily consumer goods and initiates brand promotion based on the integration of chain stores, virtual stores and other distribution channels, aiming to introducing PurCotton products with the idea of leading a healthy, comfortable life and low carbon era.

Technology Innovation

Winner Medical has a professional team with solid knowledge and practical experience. Relying on great concentration on production technology and products property, we have accomplished numerous innovations and breakthroughs. Especially in recent years, Winner Medical has obtained 48 patents, which include37 domestic patents (Five patents, 30 utility models, two designs) and 11 international patents.

As a national high-tech company and the benchmark of medical dressings in China, Winner Medical has capitalized on its advanced technology and thorough understanding upon using cotton to independently develop the procedure of 100% cotton spunlace non-woven featuring using raw cotton directly. This technology has obtained the patent permission and patent license simultaneously from more than 30 countries including USA, Europe, Japan, India and Brazil. This cotton processing technology shortens the production cycle from over two months to less than 10 days and significantly reduces the energy consumption, pollution and emission of carbon representing a role model of resource-conservation and environment friendliness. This patented technology, a breakthrough and innovation of textile industry, is expected to product 100% cotton non-woven products which would gradually substitute for some cotton textiles with traditional spinning and weaving technics.