Social responsibility

Wealth congregation means social responsibility congregation while the best give-back to society is presenting by companies’ reaching rapid and healthy development continuously.


In past 20 years, Winner Medical always assumes social responsibility in mind and in actions, sticking to the idea that Winner Medical should contribute to society from where it gains support and that self-interest and social-interest will be benefiting each other in another way around.


Nourished by the care and love from authorities and other aspects in our society, supports from distributors and customers, guidance and helps from peer companies in the industry and the diligence and team work of all Winner staff, Winner Medical Group develop rapidly and will never stop improving in the long run.


Winner Medical always attaches great importance to brand building. Winner people interpret the love to Winner brand by taking high responsibility for customers. We care Winner brand in the way we care our own eyes. Persistent hard work and non-stop innovation add fresh energy and value into Winner brand, upgrading corporate image consistently. Since the initiation, Winner and PurCotton brands were transformed from no more than a blank paper into brands well known to many nowadays. The influence of Winner and PurCotton brands is increasingly far-reaching, spurring us to take on a new step forward down the road of brand building.


In past 20 years, Winner Medical expresses love and care for society by donating over millions paychecks, helping those in need without hesitation. Winner people are presenting wherever needs them. Helping the disabled on National Disabled Day, offering financial help to students in poverty and donating to those affected by the earthquake in Wenchuan, to name a few.