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Winner Medical at CMEF 2017 Spring

Time:2017-05-18 Publisher:
The77th CMEF Spring and ICMD Spring were hold at the National ConventionCenter(Shanghai),from May.15-18,2017, Winner Medical attend the Fair andshowedlatest Purcotton series, Wound care products , Infection preventionsolutionsand Home care.


WinnerMedical provides comprehensive solutions for infection prevention,wound careand home care to meet global markets and customer needs.


Basedon Evidence-based medicine theory, In the field of infectionprevention, WinnerMedicalprovides a liquid barrier system that coverspreoperative, intraoperative andpostoperative full-scale, virtually eliminatingthe risk of infection forphysicians and patients..


WinnerMedical offers wound care solutions for different wound healingcycles,different types of wounds. Shorten the wound healing cycle, improve thequalityof life of patients.


Inthe field of home care, Winner Medical products are widelydistributed,bringing higher protection for family life.


Withthe imposing booth display, it shows the culture of Winner’s culture; withtheface-to-face communication among old and potential customers, Winner learnmoremarket information against their trust to obtain more market share.