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Winner Medical Help Hunan disaster area

Time:2017-07-12 Publisher:

This year, Hunan suffered a number of heavy rain, in particular, there isa big storm in the June 22 to July 2. Which led to Changsha, Huaihua, Xiangxi,Yueyang, Yiyang, Hengyang and other 14 cities have been seriously affected.


After the flood, the disaster is coming. In the unified planning of theHunan provincial government, the Hunan Provincial Center for Disease Control andPrevention immediately set up a flood control leading group, immediately startdisaster relief emergency prepared contingency plans to strengthen theimplementation of the responsibility of the measures, quickly put into rescueoperations.


After learning of the news, Winner Medical immediately confirmed thematerial needs, ready to prepare the matter related to the matter. Donated morethan 100 boxes of medical gloves, masks, medical protective clothing, alcoholdisinfection tablets, disinfection wipes and other disaster areas in urgentneed of medical supplies, used to support post-disaster medical transformation.


We want to take up our social responsibilities,to work together andtide over the difficulties.