Transparent Film Dressing

Winner transparent film dressing is made from the transparent, semi-permeable polyurethane film with hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive.


Bacterial barrier, protects the wounds against external contamination and reduces risk of infection. Reduces bacterial growth by preventing moisture accumulation.  

Breathable and transparent polyurethane film, allows excess moisture to escape from the wound and oxygen to enter, maintains a healthy environment in the wound. Reduces the risk of maceration; Allows monitoring of the wound site without the need for dressing removal.  

Hypoallergenic adhesive, minimizes the risk of an allergic response. Provides gentle and secure fixation.  

Waterproof, impermeable to fluids for safety and protection. Allows the patient to shower with the dressing in situ. 


Ideally designed for catheters and drainage tubes fixation. Also can be used as a second dressings over alginates, wounds pads, gauzes and other primary dressings.