Film Island Dressing

Winner film Island Dressing combines the benefits of nonwoven wound dressing and a high MVTR, waterproof film.


Bacterial barrier, protects the wounds against external contamination and reduces risk of infection. Reduces bacterial growth by preventing moisture accumulation.  

Breathable and transparent polyurethane film, allows excess moisture to escape from the wound and oxygen to enter, maintains a healthy environment in the wound. Reduces the risk of maceration; Allows monitoring of the wound site without disrupting the healing process. 

Highly absorbent pad, absorbs exudates quickly and helps to protect the wound from further trauma whilst maintaining a good healing environment. 

Hypoallergenic adhesive, minimizes the risk of an allergic response. Provides gentle and secure fixation.  

Waterproof, impermeable to fluids for safety and protection. Allows the patient to shower with the dressing in situ.


Film island dressing is indicated for the wounds in the epithelialising phase. The feature of wounds:                                                    

* Lightly exuding;                                                                                               

* Superficial;                                                                               

* Non-infected,                                                                     

 For example:

* Post-operative wounds                                                   

* Abrasions and lacerations                                               

* Skin grafts and donor sites                                             

* Superficial pressure ulcers                                                      

* Minor burns and scalds                                                        


* Full thickness wounds                                                          

* Full thickness burns                                                                        

* Surgical implantations