Silicone Wound Contact Layer

Silicone wound contact layer is a transparent, thin and flexible wound dressing, open mesh allows exudate to pass through, non-adherent to wound site, prevents skin stripping and discomfort when dressing change.


Does not adhere to wound site, prevents absorbent dressing from sticking to wound site;

Provides gentle and secure adhesion, conforms to body contour, even hard-to-dress area;

Can remain in wound site for up to 14 days and reduce dressing change frequency;

Thin and transparent dressing allows monitor wound healing process with the dressing in situ.


Silicone Wound Contact Layer can be used with a secondary absorbent dressing, indicated for a wide range of exuding wounds, for example

Diabetic foot ulcer

Pressure ulcer

Leg venous and arterial ulcer

First and second degree burns

Surgical wounds and traumatic wounds

Also can be used as wound protective layer in NPWT system.