SMS Surgical Gown (Standard)

SMS surgical gown is made from hydrophobic SMS material and designed for optimal protection during surgical procedures of moderate duration involving moderate amounts of body fluids and moderate risk of infection.


Latex-free; abrasion-resistant; low lint; with a high level of fluid repellency; a good barrier to blood, body fluids and pathogens.

Gowns are fixed with four ties system. 

Sleeves are finished with knitted elastic cuffs.

Surgical gown are a tie-round type,  which enables to keep the sterility of surgeons back side.

Velco fastening at the neck to ensure secure and easily adjustable fit.

Available materials information:35~60g SMS materials, green or blue color, with / without AS/AR


Perfect for procedures involving minor to moderate amounts of fluids.

For preventing a transfer of infectious from OR staff to the wound or vice versa by direct contact



This product is not intended for sale or distribution in the United States.