Based on our deep knowledge of medical area, PurCotton could meet all the Requirements of the health care professional. PurCotton fabric is very soft and comfortable so it has been widely used on wound care products. It is low lint and minimizes the risk of introducing particulates so it could be used as the surgical towel in the OR room. Additionally, with advanced material treatment technology, PurCotton provides effective barrier protection against liquid penetration. can be used for surgical gowns and drapes to help the healthcare professional focus on what they are doing.


No loose thread

No lint

Soft and comfortable

Good breathability


Idea for this application: 68gsm plain, 70gsm plain, 80gsm plain, 100gsm plain, 30gsm 16mesh, 40gsm 18mesh, 100gsm 22 mesh.

Raw Materials: 100% Fiber –rich cotton grown in the USA

Finish Type: Aperture (8 mesh to 22mesh) and plain

Basis weight: 30gsm~120gsm

Width: from 6cm to 200cm for both types

Colors: White, Blue and other solid colors

Core Diameter: 3”