5 Mistakes That Health Care Centers Make While Buying Infection Prevention Products

5 Mistakes That Health Care Centers Make While Buying Infection Prevention Products



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5 Mistakes That Health Care Centers Make While Buying Infection Prevention Products


5 Mistakes That Health Care Centers Make While Buying Infection Prevention Products


Nosocomial, or healthcare infections are one of the most critical problems that health care centers such as clinics and hospitals face on a daily basis. Infections in health care centers are so common that pharmaceutical companies are constantly tonnes of new products to provide better infection prevention solutions, ranging from medical face masks to disinfection products. However, there are certain mistakes that health care centers tend to make while buying infection prevention products. We have prepared a comprehensive list to help you understand the most commonly made mistakes made by health care centers when working with infection prevention products.

Lack of Environmental Disinfection

The environments of hospitals and health care centers are contagious, and generally fraught with all sorts of different bacteria and microbes.  Though cleaning is an essential part of the everyday routine in the health care centers, it is very difficult to achieve a state of true cleanliness. Also, one cannot be sure if adequate steps have been taken for infection prevention. Furthermore, most of the hospitals use bleach to disinfect their spaces but the research suggests that for attaining environmental disinfection, hydrogen peroxide vapor is the best solution. Thus, health care centers should choose the most appropriate environmental disinfection method judiciously.

Inappropriate Choice of Surgical and Face Masks

The surgical masks and face masks used by the health care centers’ staff are sometimes not the most appropriate ones. Further, the surgical and face masks are used as resistance tools to prevent microbes and bacteria from entering the respiratory system. Though the surgical masks and face masks used in the hospitals generally lack interventionist like the sneeze guards and teleworking. Hence, choosing an inappropriate mask is another common mistake made by health care centers while buying infection prevention products.

Inability to Opt for the Premier Hand Sanitizer

One of the common mistakes made by health care centers is the choice regarding the most suitable hand sanitizer. Either due to negligence or in the quest of saving some money, the hospitals opt for readily available hand sanitizers for disinfection. Most health care centers use alcohol-based sanitizers due to their easy availability. However, there are certain types of bacteria that have become tolerant to the alcohols used in hand sanitizers and have become resistant to it. On the contrary, research suggests that chlorine-based hand sanitizers can act as better tools for infection prevention.

Using Reusable Surgical Drapes and Gowns

Surgical Drapes and Gowns are generally used by medical practitioners to protect themselves and their patients against infection, especially on near incision areas. Though surgical drapes and gowns are the best solutions for resisting bacterial attack, these are sometimes reused by medical practitioners needing to cut costs. Nowadays, professionals in the United States have started opting for the disposable surgical drapes and gowns that are better options for resisting bacterial attack. This practice is generally associated with lower rates of operating room infection.

Purchasing Non-Antimicrobial Equipment

According to research conducted by Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 41,000 patients develop bloodstream infections due to the use of non-sterilised gowns, robes, caps, and catheters. In order to prevent the patients from these infections, health care centers should take strict measures for purchasing only antimicrobial equipment and hospital tools. In this way, patients can be protected from the attack of several infections. Hence, choosing non-antimicrobial equipment by health care centers is one of the most crucial things which is often overlooked while buying infection prevention products.


We trust health care centers to prevent both their patients and staff from life-threatening infections. Now that you are aware of common mistakes made by health care centers, be sure to inquire about which infection prevention products are being used.

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