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Advanced Wound Care Solutions

Independent R&D and production from materials to final<br/>products, focusing on wound solutions for 30 years

Independent R&D and production from materials to final
products, focusing on wound solutions for 30 years

R&D Capabilities

  • CNAS laboratory, more than 100 professional researchers

  • Cooperate with University & Chinese Academy of Sciences on academic research

  • 250+ patents, assisted in the formulation of 12 Chinese industry standards

Product Strengths 

  • 30 years engaging in medical materials and dressings

  • European CE, American 510(k) clearence and product listing for some of the products, Japanese certification

  • Serving more than 110 countries and regions on 5 continents

Guide to Advanced Wound Care Products

What is the Advanced Wound Care Solution

Advanced wound care provides advanced wound dressings and skin care products used for the management of acute and chronic wounds resulting from conditions such as diabetes, immobility and venous disease, as well as from traumatic injury, burns, invasive surgery and other causes. 

What's the Difference between Advanced and Traditional Wound Care Solution

Wound healing process can be facilitated in two different ways, namely, traditional wound care (TWC) and advanced wound care (AWC). Traditional wound dressing products are used most often as primary or secondary dressings to protect the wound from contamination. Advanced wound dressings are used most often for acute and chronic wounds.

Why Choose Us

Winner Medical has been committed to the wound field for many years, and has continuously invested in research, development and technological innovation. Our advanced wound care materials and breakthrough technologies create perfect wound healing materials and surgical dressings. We carry out product layout in accordance with the whole cycle of wound healing and launch a series of wound product solutions to provide patients with care from beginning to end. We help resolve clinical issues such as wound cleansing, exudate management and infections and have assisted medical staff in many countries to treat and prevent complex wounds such as ulcers, burns, postoperative wounds, and diabetic feet. Our products have passed Chinese CFDA, CE of EU, Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, and U.S. FDA certification.

Guide to Advanced Wound Care Products
Film、gel、collagen – Insist on R&D and self-production,
provide comprehensive solutions for wound prevention and treatment
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