Applications of Alginate Dressing in Skin Abrasions

Applications of Alginate Dressing in Skin Abrasions



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Applications of Alginate Dressing in Skin Abrasions


Applications of Alginate Dressing in Skin Abrasions


1. Introduction of the alginate dressing

Alginate dressing is a gel-forming dressing, which can turn into a gel after encountering wound exudate and has a good function of absorbing exudate and maintaining a moist environment. When it encounters a liquid rich in sodium ions, calcium and sodium ions will be exchanged, calcium ions are released, and sodium ions combine with alginic acid to form a hydrophilic gel-like substance that helps the wound maintain a moist environment, enhance autolytic debridement and promote the production of granulation tissue. Alginate dressings have a strong liquid absorption capacity, which can absorb up to 20 times its own weight in liquid. Therefore, the antimicrobial alginate dressing can be used for wounds with moderate to severe exudation, and can also accelerate the debridement of wounds with necrotic tissue.

2. Repair of alginate dressings in skin abrasions

Moisture therapy is a method of using alginate dressings and medicinal solutions to keep the wound moist under the guidance of the theory of wound moist environment healing, providing a moist environment to the wound to promote healing.

(1) In the modern view, wound healing particularly emphasizes the provision of a moist environment for wound healing. Therefore, how to promote wound healing puts forward higher requirements for clinical wound care, and alginate dressings are one of them. Skin abrasions are very common. The traditional dressing change method is to cover the wound with a layer of iodophor gauze after debridement.

(2) The antimicrobial alginate dressing can quickly absorb exudate to prevent the exudate from returning to the wound surface. The application of the antimicrobial alginate dressing can keep the wound moist, make the wound heal in a moist environment, shorten the healing time, and reduce the pain of patients, which is worthy of clinical promotion.

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