Classification of Gauze

Classification of Gauze



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Classification of Gauze


Classification of Gauze


Ⅰ. What is gauze?

Gauze is a cotton fabric with sparse warp and weft. It belongs to textile materials and cloth, which is characterized by sparseness and obvious grids and can be used as mosquito nets, or used as medical supplies. 

Wound gauze specifically refers to products used to wrap wounds after disinfection.

Ⅱ. The classification of gauze

1. According to different yarn materials, gauze can be divided into pure cotton gauze, purified fiber gauze, and blended gauze.

2. According to different weaving processes, gauze can be divided into single-layer gauze, double-layer gauze, and multi-layer gauze.

3. According to different purposes, gauze can be divided into civil gauze, medical gauze (absorbent cotton gauze), industrial gauze, etc.

4. According to different colors, gauze can be divided into colored gauze, white gauze (the color of cotton yarn), and bleached gauze (also used as whitening gauze or white gauze).

5. According to the degree of hardness, gauze can be divided into soft gauze, sizing gauze, and sizing shaped gauze.

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