Current Situation and Trend Analysis of Adult Diaper Market in China

Current Situation and Trend Analysis of Adult Diaper Market in China



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Current Situation and Trend Analysis of Adult Diaper Market in China


Current Situation and Trend Analysis of Adult Diaper Market in China


At present, with the increasing aging of the population, the continuous improvement of residents' consumption levels, and the development of e-commerce, the consumer demand for adult diapers has increased, and the adult diaper industry in China has entered a stage of rapid development.

1. The consumption concept of adult diapers changes, and first- and second-tier cities pay more attention to quality

The improvement of the quality of life has prompted a change in the consumption structure of the adult incontinence product market. Consumers no longer blindly pursue low-priced products, but pursue more comfortable and high-quality adult incontinence products. The market share of adult diapers (including pull-up pants) increased from 65.98% in 2017 to 83.17% in 2019. Adult disposable pad diapers and nursing pads fell to 11.29% and 5.54%, respectively.

However, adult diapers in China are still in the early stage of development, consumption habits have not yet been developed, brand concentration is low, and price-oriented consumption concepts still dominate. Although China's consumer demand for adult incontinence products has continued to expand in recent years, compared with North America, Western Europe, Japan and other countries and regions, the penetration rate of adult incontinence products in China is extremely low, only 3%.

Regionally, first- and second-tier cities and some economically-developed third-tier cities have higher incomes and stronger consumption capacity for higher-priced and better-quality absorbent sanitary products. In less-developed third- and fourth-tier cities and rural areas, residents are usually relatively price-sensitive, and are more inclined to buy absorbent sanitary products with strong regional brand influence and cost-effectiveness.

2. The future development trend of adult diapers in China

At present, the market for adult incontinence products in China is relatively small compared to the global scale, but the market basis for adult incontinence products in China is much superior.

Therefore, the continuous deepening of aging will provide a stable target group foundation for China's adult diaper market. On the other hand, as families change their consumption concepts for elderly incontinence products, more and more families and professional nursing institutions will choose to use elderly incontinence products for incontinent elderly people in the future. In the future, the market size of incontinence products for the elderly in China will further expand, and it is expected to reach 26.1 billion yuan in 2025. The category of adult diapers has broader development prospects in China.

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