The Material and Advantage of Stretchy Bandage

The Material and Advantage of Stretchy Bandage



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The Material and Advantage of Stretchy Bandage


The Material and Advantage of Stretchy Bandage


1. The material of the stretchy bandage

What material is the stretchy bandage made of? The stretchy bandage is woven with natural fibers, the material is soft, and the elasticity is extremely high. Stretchy bandages are mainly used for surgical dressing and nursing. Stretch bandages have a wide range of uses, such as external dressing of various parts of the body, field training, and first aid for trauma.

2. Advantages of the stretchy bandage

(1) The stretchy bandage has high elasticity, which can make the joints move unrestricted after use and will not shrink. The stretch bandage will not hinder blood circulation or cause the joints to shift. The material has good air permeability and will not condense water vapor on the wound, convenient to carry.

(2) Stretchy bandages are easy to use, fast bandaging, with a good appearance, suitable pressure, good air permeability, as well as do not affect the patient's daily life.

3. Classifications of the stretchy bandage

There are self-adhesive stretchy bandages, high stretchy bandages, spandex stretchy bandages, 100% cotton stretchy bandages, PBT stretchy bandages, cotton selvedge gauze bandages, PBT absorbent pad bandages, plaster bandages and so on.

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