The Role and Mechanism of the Alginate Dressing

The Role and Mechanism of the Alginate Dressing



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The Role and Mechanism of the Alginate Dressing


The Role and Mechanism of the Alginate Dressing


Alginate medical dressing is composed of alginate, which is a natural polysaccharide carbohydrate extracted from seaweed, and is a kind of natural cellulose. Alginate dressing, a high-absorption functional wound dressing composed of alginate. After the medical film contacts the wound exudate, it can form a soft gel, provide an ideal moist environment for the wound, and relieve the pain. The effects of alginate dressings are as follows:

1. Safe and non-toxic: Alginate dressing is a natural polysaccharide carbohydrate extracted from seaweed. It is a kind of natural polymer material and has no toxicity to the human body and can be used safely.

2. Alginate dressings can absorb more than their own weight in fluid.

3. Hemostatic: The antimicrobial alginate dressing contacts the wound exudate to release Ca2+, which can promote the formation of prothrombin activator and accelerate the blood coagulation process.

4. Gelation: Alginate dressing absorbs wound exudate and exchanges Na+/Ca2+ ion with the exudate to form a stable net gel on the wound surface, creating a micro-environment conducive to tissue growth for the wound (slightly acid, anaerobic or hypoxic, moderately moist).

5. Bacteriostatic:

(1) Good airtightness, which isolates the wound from external bacteria.

(2) Harmful bacteria are fixed inside the fiber, which effectively inhibits the reproduction of harmful bacteria and reduces the chance of bacteria contacting the wound surface.

(3) The humid, slightly acidic environment is conducive to the function of neutrophils, enhances the local sterilization ability.

6. Reduce local pain: The hydrogel formed on the surface effectively protects the nerve endings and avoids external stimulation. It is not easy to adhere to the wound and is easy to remove, reducing pain on the wound.

7. Reduce scar formation: Because the antimicrobial alginate dressing has no irritation and no damage to the wound, so as to form less scars.

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