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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Federation of Industrial Economics jointly released the sixth batch of manufacturing individual champions and the third batch of manufacturing individual champion companies (products) that have passed the review. Nineteen companies in Shenzhen were recognized as the national manufacturing individual champions. And Winner Medical's "Cotton Spunlace Nonwovens and Products" was on the list.


1. What is the single champion of the manufacturing industry?

The single-item champion enterprise in the manufacturing industry refers to an enterprise that has long focused on a particular product market in the manufacturing industry, has internationally led production technology or technology, has strong market competitiveness, and has a single product market share that ranks in the forefront of the world.

As an important part of the cultivation system for high-quality manufacturing enterprises, the single champion enterprises in the manufacturing industry are prominently focused on the target market. And this type of enterprise has been researching a specific field for a long time, and it is in a leading position in the industry in terms of innovation investment, innovation ability, management level, and operating efficiency.

In general, the selected companies in 2021 present the following characteristics: strong competitiveness, a high level of innovation, and good economic benefits. Winner Medical independently successfully developed the cotton spun lace non-woven technology in 2005 and obtained a patent, and this technology is a great innovation in the textile industry.

2. Winner Medical's spun lace non-woven fabric and its single champion products

The cotton spun lace non-woven fabric is made of natural fiber cotton. After opening and loosening the cotton, using a cutting-edge carding machine, netting machine, and drafting machine to arrange the pure cotton into a net, the large density of needle-like water column formed after pressure is used to promote the entanglement of cotton fibers through the hydroentanglement machine Into cloth. It only takes 5 minutes to go from raw cotton to fabric. Compared with the traditional process, this technology saves the links of spinning and weaving. This can shorten the working hours, save a lot of energy, labor, and equipment, be low-carbon, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and emission-reducing. Winner Medical's technology can reduce costs by about 30%, and it is the world's advanced technology for fabric formation.


During the prevention and control of the epidemic, Winner Medical innovatively applied cotton spun lace non-woven fabrics to infection protection products such as medical protective clothing, surgical gowns, and isolation gowns. Our products not only solve the problem of the supply of traditional protective materials during the epidemic but also improve the breathability and comfort of anti-epidemic products, which are both safe and environmentally friendly.

Starting from cotton, Winner Medical has continued to innovate on cotton for more than 20 years. Now it is one of the few companies in the spunlace nonwovens industry that has successfully developed new material of cotton nonwovens.

In modern society, the green economy has become the mainstream. The renewable, sustainable, and recyclable advantages of cotton provide more possibilities for the medical and daily use fields. To make a little cotton into the best product is the mission of Winner Medical!

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